Univ in the Community

The College has a long tradition of charitable activity. In 1884 Jocelyn Devas, a Univ graduate started a ‘Club for working lads’ in a room over a coffee tavern in Stewarts Road, Battersea, a poverty-stricken area of London. Two years later Jocelyn was tragically killed in a climbing accident in the Swiss Alps. His father enlisted the help of Jocelyn’s friends, and funded an initiative to carry on the work that Jocelyn had started in Battersea. Devas continues to this day, having been open to girls as well as boys since 1960, and now puts more emphasis on sporting and musical activities than basic education. The College continues to have a close association with Devas as trustee and financial supporter.

Today the College is involved with a larger number of charities. It donates to a range of charities catering for severely disadvantaged groups and neighbourhoods in the Oxford community, in particular volunteer organisations that provide food, pre-school and extra-curricular education, participation in sport and the performing arts,  English-language tuition, support for the mentally disabled and transition into employment.

In addition the College has a number of partner charities. These are charities whose activities have a direct impact on the College and which in turn the College seeks to nurture and promote as well as support financially.

The work of our partner charities, and their close relationship to the College, are described in more detail in the navigation section of this page and regular updates of news from them, along with charitable and social initiatives from our students, will be detailed below on a rolling basis.

Partner Charity News

Devas – February 2017

On Sunday 26 February the annual Devas-Univ match will be played at Oxford and the result has been getting much closer in recent years...

Earlier in the week, on 20 February, an alumnus of both Devas and this annual match helped Sutton hold Arsenal to as close a finish as they could hope for.

Craig Eastman was a leading player while a member of Devas. After training at the Arsenal Academy he made ten first team appearances for Arsenal between 2009 and 2013; he also played for Millwall, Wycombe Wanderers and Colchester before Sutton.

On the day of the Devas-Univ match Craig joined the party as a spectator. He was still under contract to Arsenal, which restricted him from running the risk of injury by playing football with any one else. But that did not stop him from deciding to slip in as a reserve, and getting a game. The other spectator who joined in was Fredi Devas, the son of Devas trustee, Johnny Devas, who also came on for part of the match as a reserve. Fredi went on to become a wildlife filmmaker and variously a producer and director. He is probably best known for Wild Arabia, Frozen Planet and the urban episode of Planet Earth II.

It is not yet clear where the careers of this year’s players will lead them. 

Find out more about Devas on their Univ page here or by visiting devasclub.org


Fairfull – February 2017

It has been just over a month now since we relaunched our baked veggie samosas in Univ (and other sites across Oxford University.)

However, it wasn’t quite the smooth restart we’d hoped for. In the first week, every single samosa burst during baking. This wasn’t the first impression we’d hoped to make, but rather than letting the batch go to waste we provided free tasters all week and donated half the batch to our Fairfull friends at Oxford Gatehouse, Steppin' Stone The Porch, and Simon House to feed the homeless and those in need.

We fixed the bursting issue, and since then have been collecting feedback to make the product even better (and more similar to last year’s Mamaby-Samosa). From next week (28 February), our samosas will have more flavour, less chilli, and better pastry. Please let us know what you think of the changes!

If you have any feedback or want to get involved, please get in touch by emailing hello@fairfull.co.uk.

Find out more about Fairfull on their Univ page here or by visiting fairfull.co.uk


Aspire – February 2017

Aspire Oxford has been helping disadvantaged local people to get active and get healthy with incredible results! Our Active Body, Healthy Mind project uses sport to improve mental wellbeing and promote social inclusion. Here’s Rennel’s story:

‘My name is Rennel Johnson and I am not ashamed to say that I have suffered with mental health and addiction issues for a long time. I started to engage with Active Body, Healthy Mind in July 2016. The football sessions are brilliant for me; I have never been given the opportunity to play football with people in the same situation as me before.

I was asked to go on a Level 1 FA coaching course and I was over the moon! Nobody has ever believed in me like this before, and it’s really helped my confidence grow even more. I eventually hope to find employment as a football coach.

My family are so happy with me now, and I am also proud of myself. I have Aspire and Active Body, Healthy Mind to thank for this. I am now looking forward to my future for the first time in a long time!’

Find out more about Aspire Oxford on their Univ page here or by visiting aspireoxford.co.uk


Fairfull – January 2017

Food is the great leveller. Humans are united in their appetites, because everyone has to eat. But what if food could have a deliciously positive impact? What if food could be more than just a ‘stomach-filler’?

The myriad of food brands vying for a share of consumers’ stomachs is a patchwork quilt of world cuisines; everyone loves eating dishes from all over the world. But what do the people and communities where these delicious foods originate get in return? Shouldn’t Moroccan hummus benefit people in that region? Shouldn’t globalisation benefit all of us equally?

These questions drove Elina (Univ DPhil) and Adam to create Fairfull, a social venture that creates food that’s better for everyone. Their first product made its debut in Univ back in April 2016 (under the name Mamaby) – a healthier twist on an Indian classic: a baked vegetable samosa, with all profits helping expectant mothers in Indian slums. Since then the founders have outsourced production, rebranded and grown to fifteen sites across Oxford University. After an extended hiatus, their deliciously positive samosas are returning to the fridges in Univ’s Buttery. Food which reflects a local culture to feed a global one, where every mouthful really matters because it fulfils you and changes lives. That’s Fairfull.

Find out more about Fairfull on their Univ page here or by visiting fairfull.co.uk


Aspire – January 2017

Recruitment in Oxfordshire is an on-going, significant challenge for employers. In response, employment charity and social enterprise Aspire has launched Oxford’s first ever Employers’ Conference focused on recruiting disadvantaged and vulnerable groups to help meet recruitment needs. The half-day conference will be held at Unipart on Wednesday 26 April as part of Responsible Business Week. This conference will showcase the benefits of giving disadvantaged people a chance in the world of work along with testimonials from employers who have successfully trialled work placements for vulnerable groups. We’re delighted to have secured Darren Burns as a key note speaker from Timpsons, who are leading the way in socially responsible recruitment.

Aspire supports highly disadvantaged people to move towards and into employment. We know from experience that our trainees have a huge amount to offer local employers, and this conference is a fantastic opportunity to highlight the considerable benefits of giving disadvantaged people the opportunities they deserve. For more information please contact Rosa Curness on 01865 204450.

Find out more about Aspire Oxford on their Univ page here or by visiting aspireoxford.co.uk


The Gatehouse – January 2017

The Gatehouse experienced a very busy Christmas time and thanks to donations from the public, we were able to ensure that each Guest got at least one Christmas present of a hat, scarf, gloves, socks, underwear and a bar of chocolate. Often this is the only present that a person might receive. 

At the end of December we captured our quarterly data on how many people are using the project (taken over one week) and where a person slept the previous night. We are averaging 335 visits a week and our rough sleeper numbers have increased again to 49% of users. 

We are starting the year off trying to be as positive and pro-active about fundraising for the coming year as much as we can. If anybody has any fundraising ideas and would like to support a local independent project then please email katrinagatehouse@gmail.com.

Find out more about The Gatehouse on their Univ page here or by visiting oxfordgatehouse.org