University College OxfordHere we have listed the various departments (in alphabetical order) that make up Univ along with their their respective staff. All staff can be contacted by emailing: firstname.lastname

For information on University College's approach and responsibility to the health, welfare and well-being of its students and employees see Welfare.

Academic Office

Senior Tutor: Dr Andrew Bell
Academic Registrar: Dr Ian Boutle
Academic Services Manager: Miss Sally Stubbs
Access and Schools Liaison Officer: Miss Eleanor Chamings
Admissions Manager: Mr Bruce Forman
Academic Support Administrator (On-Course): Miss Cameron Ott
Academic Support Administrator (Admissions): Mrs Karen Franklin
Disability and Welfare Administrator: Ms Aimee Rhead


Archivist: Dr Robin Darwall-Smith


Communications Officer: Ms Sara Dewsbery
Web and Social Media Manager: Justin Bowyer

Development Office

Development Director: Mr William Roth
Annual Fund Manager: Ms Josie Turner
Alumni Relations Officer: Mrs Julie Boyle
Research and Database Officer: Mr Rob Moss
Development Assistant and PA to William Roth: Ms Carol Webb

Domestic Bursary

Domestic Bursar: Angela Unsworth MBE
Head of Hospitality & Accommodation: Mrs Teresa Strike
Administration Assistant: Mrs Agnieszka Deputowska
Hospitality Co-ordinator : Ms Marilia Arezes
Hospitality Manager: Mrs Vivian MartinsTavares
Domestic Bursary and Hospitality Coordinator: Shane Pledge
Hall Manager: Mr Scott Chamberlain
Common Room Steward: Mr Simon Cotterell
Head Chef: Mr Robert Mercer
Housekeeper: Ms Anne Peck
Staverton Road Housekeeper: Mrs Angie Carter

Estates Bursary

Estates Bursar: Mr Frank Marshall
Estates Bursar’s Secretary: Mrs Reija Fanous


Head Gardener: Mr Bruce Taylor
Assistant Gardener:  Mr Stephen Yoxall
Assistant Gardener: Mr Stuart Fouracre


HR Adviser & Equality Officer: Mr Alan Tewungwa
HR Coordinator - Agnieszka Deputowska 

IT Services

IT Technical Manager: Paul Delany
IT Support Technician: Karen Good


Librarian: Mrs Elizabeth Adams
Assistant Librarian: Emily Green


Head Porter: Mr Bob Maskell
Porter: Mr Lee Mahon
Porter: Mr Steven Moody

Master’s Office

Executive PA: Ms Louise Wright


Director of Music: Giles Underwood

Student Welfare Office

Welfare Fellow: Revd Dr Andrew Gregory
Disability and Welfare Administrator: Ms Aimee Rhead
Advisor for International Students: Mrs Jing Fang


College Accountant: Mr Tim Croft
Deputy College Accountant: Mrs Samantha Martin
Payroll: Mrs Maria Druce
Purchase Ledger: Mrs Denise Upton
Batells: Mrs Angela Gardiner

Works Department

College Surveyor: Mr Richard Pye
Works Department Secretary: Mrs Stephanie Roberts
Works Department Supervisor: Mr Adam Walker