Choral Scholarships and Bursaries

In recognition of the stature of the choir and its central place in the life of the college, Univ elects a number of Choral Scholars each year. There are two opportunities to apply: first applicants may apply for choral scholarships before they apply for a place at the College - further details of this process (which takes place in the September prior to the admissions process in December) are available here.

Second, all students at Univ have an opportunity to apply for choral scholarships once they have already taken up their place; this process takes place in Hilary (spring) Term each year.

Choral scholarships are awarded to Sopranos, Altos (male and female), Tenors and Basses, but there is no strict quota for any one part. Choral Scholars are able to read any subject offered by the College. They are each awarded an annual scholarship of £150 and are permitted to wear a Scholar's Gown. It is expected that Choral Scholars will take a central role in the life of the choir, and that they will also be active in the wider musical life of the college.

Choral Bursaries are awarded to non-members of Univ who are already volunteers in the choir. They are also worth £150 per annum and are intended to reward members of the choir from other colleges who have shown continuing commitment. Choral Bursars enjoy the same privileges as Choral Scholars.